Cruising Notes

Warning and Caution:

The various notes listed below are based on our own experience except where clearly noted. We provide them for the information of other cruisers in a context of good navigational practice and a multiplicity of other sources including official charts and pilots. The notes are not for navigation. Where positions are given, we believe them to be accurate, but do not guarantee them. Positions are WGS 84 datum, except where noted. Charts for many areas of the world are not WGS84 datum and may not therefore be compatible with these positions. Positions for anchorages record the position of the boat at anchor in the prevailing conditions and should therefore be considered approximate.


New Zealand

          Fiordland and Stewart Island



          Southwest Australia, the Bight and Tasmania


Fiji & Other Pacific Islands

          Fiji, Wallis, Funafuti, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Guam


Vanuatu & New Caledonia




Aleutian Islands, Alaska Peninsula & Kodiak




British Columbia